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This face mask is something I really love and just multimasking is the snap even more awesome! It gives me such a mystical feeling in the fall and winter; light a little scent, take a bubble bath and throw a pair of face masks. How wonderful does it not sound ?!

Or to creep up on the couch with a beautiful big knitted sweater, some tea, watch a beautiful movie and in the meantime let the face masks do their way, without having to worry so much.

In short, multimasking is a way to customize your skin care to specific areas, where appropriate. A bit more spot-treated face mask cure, if we can call it so. I’m really driving all in when I’m multimasking, which usually is about 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I run the advanced technology with most masks and sometimes it’s enough with 2 different, to get the effect I want. Between that, I usually use Sheet Masks, which is like soft sheet of paper that passes across the face, soaked in serum.

For those you’re wondering, I’m normal / combined in the skin. I can get dry, but also oily, sometimes in different parts of the face at one and the same time (oily T-zone and dry cheeks) and sometimes throughout the face. I think my skin type is easy to adjust to both foundation and skin care, I think it’s the most common so it can be. What I try to avoid is for dehydrating products, as it can cause my T-zone to dry dry and help my skin to produce more oil. So, a lot of moisture simply, but unlike a super super duper dry skin that may need that extreme moisture, I try to stick to more gel-based creams that give a lot of moisture, but not like a layer over the skin.

Okay, step by step, I had thought to explain this incredibly amazing multimasking technique, so badly advanced it’s not what it actually sounds! These are my favorite products (sometimes I’m a little wild and crazy and change some of them to try something new) that I usually use to get that top of the top results that make the makeup just put on a skin the following days.

1. I do not know why no skin guru talks about this ?! This is a Origins Maskimizer and it is used to prepare the skin and make it more receptive to the facial mask’s ingredients! So WOW!

This is Step 1, you only spray this on the skin before putting the remaining stitches simply. If you drive a clay mask (as it is black in the picture), it helps to facilitate application and removal. We all know that clay pants tend to hang on the skin a little bit, but not with this. It also makes the skin boost with moisture, becomes smoother AND, as said, helps the skin to take advantage of the face mask’s ingredients and moisture. AMAZING for multimasking and even when you want to run a quick face mask and get as much of it as possible!
Price: $35 (95ml),

2. There are a couple of stitches to the lips too! You have, among other things, Starskins Dreamkiss Lip Mask that I usually use to bomb with moisture (and yes, they work lip-lumpy, you see a difference) but the Cliniques new night mask that’s really caring and easy to just lubricate your lips before goes to bed.

BUT what I usually want to do now when it’s getting cold outside is scrubbing my lips! Diors Lip Sugar Scrub is Creme de la Creme and so sweet! What I like about it is that the small sugarcrubs melt and it’s like a scrub and nourishing lip balm in one!

The color is a light, turns pink and looks no more on the lips than a gloss. If you want a cheaper alternative, Kicks has its own sugarscrub with two different smells; peppermint or bubble gum (smells exactly like Hubbabubba, not kidding any nostalgia!).
Price: $45, you will find Dior Lip Sugar Scrub here and Kicks own scrub here ($15 and currently $11 on sales).

3. Once I’ve scrubbed my lips, I’m kidding these wonderful EyeMask eye masks from Starskin. They have several different and these are called Starskin Eye Catcher Eye Mask, they are kind of half masks if you can call them that haha ​​now. They are applied under the eye, where my bags are usually.

The mask is very good if you are sensitive to the eyes (like me) and work to minimize fine lines, swelling under the eyes, dark circles and give a lightened, more lustrous skin under the eye. Surely it’s my savior in need when I’ve slept badly! These I always leave until the remaining masks are completely clear, and massage the leftover serum under the eye to allow the skin to absorb it. I always take away everything at the same time 🙂

Price: Eye Catcher Coconut Bio Cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask – One-time use $8now on promotion).

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