Perfect Base for Your Makeup


Who does not live to get the perfect bass for your makeup?

I am one of the swirls who constantly want to improve my skin, both through skin care but also of course with makeup.

I have selected my favorite products both on the budget front but also for those looking to try the creme dela cream: one of beauty products. I myself have these products and know that they actually work in much the same way, you do not need to buy the most expensive thing for something to be good, but I can feel that you can get that little extra at some times.

1. The basics you see are my favorites as said, or dupes from each other. Estee Lauder‘s Double Wear Foundation is among the most comprehensive in the market, but if you do not span the Maybelline fit me foundation you should do it for a cheaper alternative, the coverage on it’s no joke.


2. It may seem a little ambiguous that I chose a light-emitting primer and a nutritious foundation, but I have a baking tanks. For me, this works very well, and it should also do to you all those who are not extremely oily.

This primer makes it a good foundation for the foundation, and also makes my dryer parts not quite as crunchy with a full and matte foundation. I am obsessed with Lumene’s light-emitting primer, but also Smashbox’s new two-in-one primer with day cream in.

3. When I highlight under the eyes, I want a liquid concealer that contains a lot of moisture. I can not cope when it gets dry under the eye, I only have to be 28 years old, but when it gets too dry, I look older at least 10 years old, it’s no flattering look. That’s why I really like both Maybelline (Concealer Age Rewind) and Lancome’s concealer. High coverage and masses of moisture!

4. The Urban Decays Contour kit is amazing, both cream and pillows in the same package (have recorded an autumn look with this one coming up any day) but dupe drugstore new contour kit is a freaking dream! And even costs less than half the price. (you can read more about this)

5. I can not live through transparent cushions, but it minimizes I get these classic dark parties during the day when I touch: raise my oily t-zone. La Mer is a new brand on drugstore websites and holy hell what they have great products! NYX is also very famous for their beautiful pillows, which are very well priced.

6. Why choose when you can make several roses in one and the same palette ?!

I’m a sucker to mix colors, I mix everything! Foundations, primers, concealers so why not rouge? Etude palette also comes with a highlighter that is divine. Anastasia’s rouge sits like the mountain without spotting during the day.

7. HIGHLIGHTER! It’s my favorite part of the makeup haha ​​Drugstore brands have even launched some brand new highlighter palettes with various different shades (you can read more about this) with metallic finish. If you want luxury for life, Bobbi Brown’s highlighters are amazingly pigmented and incredibly beautiful!

8. Setting-spray is a MUST for me, otherwise my makeup would never have been as good as it actually does! I like a more sophisticated finish as the stability of the foundation increases for me. Both NYX and Urban Decay have two really good setting-sprays that drip and cool down comfortably.

At the moment, drugstore brands offer 20% discount on all foundations, concealers, pillows and primers (except Sensai and Dior), which is just what you need to get to your perfect bass makeup.

Also, to me they have begun to have bottoms in the shop, for example. Need help with color matching which I think is amazing. They put a bass shrinkage and then you get 20% off an entire purchase in connection with it. I really think that’s a shit thing, it’s NOT easy to find in the foundation jungle on your own sometimes.

What are your favorite products when it comes to the base?

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